About Us

Who are we?

KSPB is a commercial-free, student-run radio station that has been broadcasting from Stevenson School in Pebble Beach for over 30 years.

The station is student run and includes staff positions, from webmaster to program director. Before applying for a live show on air, each student is required to take a class to learn about Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, and how to operate the station independently. The students decide the genre of music for their specific show, but the general programming is alternative rock with specialized shows featuring hip-hop and international music. However, some students prefer to run their own talk shows.

KSPB has listeners in five counties in California - Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito, Santa Clara and San Mateo - with a potential total listenership of more than 1 million. Also, with the recent addition of streaming, KSPB is now available worldwide!

Stevenson School is licensed to run KSPB as a Class A non-commercial FM radio station at 1000 watts.

Show Schedule


12AM-6AM BBC World Service 12AM-6AM
6-7AM BBC World Service 6-7AM
7-8AM New Music Showcase New Music Showcase New Music Showcase New Music Showcase Friday is Forever 7-8AM
8AM-3PM BBC World Service 8AM-3PM
3-4PM New Music Showcase Mingle High School Radio Network Mingle New Music Showcase 3-4PM
4-5PM BBC World Service 4-5PM
5-6PM BBC World Service BBC World Service BBC World Service Keepin' Up With Carl BBC World Service 5-6PM
6-7PM New Music Showcase New Music Showcase The Jig Warped Thursdays New Music Showcase 6-7PM
7-8PM New Music Showcase Turnip Tuesday The Jig Brunch with C$ STAE 7-8PM
8-9PM It's Friday Turnip Tuesday The Feel New Music Showcase STAE 8-9PM
9-10PM It's Friday Potpourri The Feel The Scottsman's Show New Music Showcase 9-10PM


9-10AM BBC World Service BBC World Service 9-10AM
10-11AM Climate-One Climate-One 10-11AM
11AM-12PM Saturday Sound New Music Showcase 11AM-12PM
12-1PM BBC World Service Sunday Brunch 12-1PM
1-2PM BBC World Service SVB 1-2PM
2-4PM BBC World Service New Music Showcase 2-3PM
4-6PM BBC World Service New Music Showcase 3-4PM
6-7PM BBC World Service Afternoon Tunes 4-6PM
7-8PM BBC World Service The Evening Peale 6-8PM
8PM-9AM BBC World Service The Arsonists 8PM-10PM

Contact Us

General Manager

Matt Arruda

Student Staff

Radio 3 Management

Chief Operations Officer

Kira Scheid