Author: DJ Claire

Hey KSPB, this is your DJ Claire and I’m the DJ of your first show of the week. This is my first year in KSPB and I’d love to continue doing it. Some of my favorite artists are Ariana Grande, Adele, Charlie Puth and other artists from different parts of the world. I like psychology, so I listen to my shows if you want to be cured from a bleak mood. *blink*


LENKA, an Australian singer-song writer, is best known for her song “The Show” from her self-titled album Lenka. This album Attune is her fifth full-length album released at the end of 2017. Ever since the start of her career, Lenka’s songs are known for their relaxing and healing melody accompanied by her soft but clear voice. Right from the outset, Attune represents a warm, inviting comforter. Her gentle tone is especially suitable for people who look for internal peace and calmness. Her songs are neither happy nor sad, but a sense of blue-skied optimism, bouncy and upbeat, glossy and positive.

There are 12 songs in this album, and all of them has simple titles like “Arrow”, “Lucky”, etc. The simplicity that this album has created sucks the listener in and keep them captivated with the underlying darkness and thought-provoking themes. Although the songs are seemingly shallow light-pop, there are always bubbles of warnings floating throughout. Far more complicated than the first impressions reveal, Attune is a slow-burning delight, rewarding on the repeating melogy.

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