Blue Dot: A Tale of Two NASA missions: NEA Scout and Oceans Melting Greenland (2/12/2022)

Dave helps profile two NASA missions, one about to begin and one that has just completed. First we preview the NEA Scout mission that will launch aboard the giant Space Launch System as part of the Artemis 1 uncrewed test flight to the Moon. While the moon rocket is massive, the largest since the SaturnV/Apollo era, the tiny cubesat spacecraft NEA Scout is the size of a shoebox. One of the mission’s principal investigators, Les Johnson joins Dave to talk about the mission that will use a solar sail to propel it beyond the Moon to a Near Earth Asteroid. Then Dave has his good friend Josh Willis on to talk about the completion of OMG — Ocean’s Melting Greenland. Josh has been the principal investigator for the program for the past six years and shares how much warming ocean water is dramatically accelerating the melting of Greenland’s glaciers. While it is a weighty subject, we do have a visit from Josh’s alter ego, Climate Elvis, to lighten the mood!

Airs Saturday, February 12, 2022 at 9am

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Corporate Net Zero Pledges: Ambitious or Empty Promises? (1/22-23)

Corporate pledges of reaching net zero carbon emissions have quickly become commonplace. Critics argue that such pledges are mere greenwashing, and even if pledges are fulfilled, the balance sheets usually utilize carbon offsets, which can be of questionable quality and accountability. Proponents of corporate net zero pledges say we’ll never get to net zero emissions without corporate action, and pledges represent legitimate ramping up of ambition and commitment. How can consumers, investors and policy leaders distinguish between stalling and increased ambition? Can third party auditors hold companies accountable?

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Blue Dot: The Problem With Climate Change Education in the U.S. — A Conversation with Katie Worth (1/8/2022)

As a former classroom science teacher, Dave knows all too well that climate change education is a tough nut to crack in the U.S. K-12 school system. He’s joined by award winning investigative journalist Katie Worth (PBS Frontline) to talk about her in depth look at this issue in her new book Miseducation: How Climate Change is Taught in America. Whether it is taught poorly, not at all or at times presented as some kind of a 50-50 debate issue, there are many examples of how the politicization of climate change and the disinformation campaign surrounding it that has been going on for decades has seeped into the educational system. Fortunately, Worth also found many heroic teachers in her trips across America that are doing an amazing job of teaching this very important subject that will assuredly be impacting their student’s lives now and into the future.

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Ford’s Theatre Presents: A Christmas Carol (12/25/2021)

In time for the holiday season, WAMU and Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. present a contemporary radio play of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, featuring acclaimed Washington actor Craig Wallace as Ebenezer Scrooge and public radio broadcaster Murray Horwitz as the narrator.

This adaptation of the popular Ford’s Theatre holiday tradition captures the magic of Dickens’ Yuletide classic. Join the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future as they lead Ebenezer Scrooge on a journey of transformation and redemption.

This performance of A Christmas Carol is adapted and directed by Michael Wilson, with sound design, original music and audio production by John Gromada. It is presented by Ford’s Theatre of Washington, D.C. in partnership with WAMU.

More information about the radio play is available on the Ford’s Theatre website. A souvenir program is also available for download.

Airs Saturday, December 25 at 9am.