Blue Dot: Harnessing the power of cold: an interview with Fred Hogge (12/31/2022)

Dave Schlom visits with British born Thailand resident Fred Hogge about his new book, Of Ice and Men: How We’ve Used Cold to Transform Humanity. In it, Hogge traces the roots of how ice and cold have played a role in everything from polar exploration disasters to our modern world of refrigeration and air conditioning. Imagine your favorite summer beverage without ice cubes handy to put in it. We take our ability to create ice and chilled air for granted but it makes living in extreme heat climates possible as well as preserving our food as it travels from its sources to your local supermarket. It’s a fascinating and chill conversation!

Airs Saturday, December 31, 2022 at 9am

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The Film Score: Music for the Winter Holidays (12/24/2022)

Michael Phillips

The Film Score: Music for the Winter Holidays is an hour-long special devoted to holiday and wintertime movie music. In addition to beloved standards (“White Christmas” from “Holiday Inn” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” from “Meet Me in St. Louis”), host Michael Phillips shares an eclectic mix of wintry film scores, ranging from “It Happened in Sun Valley” (from “Sun Valley Serenade”) to Alexandre Desplat’s folk-inspired score for “The Grand Budapest Hotel” to Bernard Herrmann’s bracing sleigh ride accompaniment composed for the Orson Welles drama “The Magnificent Ambersons.” Bundle up and enjoy The Film Score: Music for the Winter Holidays!

Airs Saturday, December 24 at 9am

Blue Dot: Apollo 17@50 Part 2: the final lunar voyage of the Apollo program (12/17/2022)

Apollo 17 image of the Earth “The Blue Marble.” NASA

Host: Dave Schlom

We conclude our Apollo@50 series of looks at the Apollo missions to the Moon with looks back and forward. With the recent success of the uncrewed Artemis 1 lunar orbital mission, Dave talks to NASA’s first female Chief Flight Director, Holly Ridings, who is now a Deputy Manager for the Artemis Gateway component that will set up an orbital space station for future lunar missions. The day that Artemis 1 splashed down was, to the day, 50 years after Apollo 17 landed on the Moon on December 11, 1972. The lessons learned from Apollo are key to the future success of Artemis, named for Apollo’s sister in mythology. Dave talks to Tracy Cernan Woolie, the daughter of Apollo 17’s commander Gene Cernan about her late father, the last human being to walk on the Moon. Other guests include Dee O’Hara, the astronaut’s nurse, who got to go with the crew on their post flight around the world tour, Apollo historian Andrew Chaikin puts the mission in context and discusses how Artemis benefits from the Apollo program and Apollo 17’s Lead Flight Director Gerry Griffin offers his insights into Apollo 17 and the legacy of Apollo’s lunar explorations.

Airs Saturday, December 17, 2022 at 9am

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YAO (yet another outage)—Comcast edition (12/14/2022)

Update (2:35 PM): Comcast circuit is still down.

Update (1:35 PM): Comcast circuit for studio-transmitter link is still down.

We resolved the dropouts problem between the studio and tower this morning just in time for Comcast to have an unplanned outage on that link. Comcast hopes to have the problem resolved within the hour.

The livestream uses a different network and is still available at

Blue Dot: Apollo 17 @ 50 Part 1 (12/10/2022)

Night launch of Apollo 17, December 7, 1972

Blue Dot’s Apollo@50 series nears its conclusion with part one of our look back at the final lunar mission, Apollo 17. The final of three spectacular scientific explorations of the Apollo Program which began with Apollo 15, Apollo 17 featured the only scientist to fly up to that point for NASA, Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt. Commanded by veteran astronaut and the “last man on the Moon,” Eugene Cernan, the mission also featured Command Module Pilot Ron Evans, the only Viet Nam combat veteran to fly to the Moon. Interviews include historian Andrew Chaikin, author of A Man on The Moon, Lead Flight Director Gerry Griffin and the wife of the late astronaut Ron Evans, Jan Evans. We also visit with two scientists, Jim Head and Gerry Schaber, who worked closely together on the Apollo geology team and who both were close at the time with Harrison “Jack” Schmitt, the only geologist to ever set foot on another world. It’s part one of Apollo@50’s grand finale!

Airs Saturday, December 10, 2022 at 9am

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