Additional schedule changes starting 3/27/2023

In addition to the BBC World Service-related schedule changes announced here, KSPB is making the following changes:


Revised 3/31/2023 to add City Arts & Lectures.

Schedule changes starting 3/26/2023

With Britain and the rest of Europe transitioning to daylight saving time on Sunday, March 26, core news programs (Newshour, Newsday, BBC OS) will be in their usual pre-US DST time slots. (There had been a temporary shift two weeks ago when the US went on daylight saving time.)

The Newsroom

Monday–Sunday edition returns to 3pm PT for the rest of spring and summer as usual.

Other BBC World service Programs
  • A new science program called “Unexpected Elements” replaces The Science Hour starting April 20.
  • The Forum no longer has its own slot. It joins Weekend Doc & World Book Club as part of a rotation within a new slot labelled Discussion & Documentary.
  • Trending, The Explanation and World of Wisdom will run as standalone series within a new slot called Weekend Insights.
  • Digital Planet and Tech Tent will cease but will be replaced by a new tech program called, “Tech Life” starting April 4.
  • The Cultural Frontline and The Compass will cease.

Blue Dot: Leonardo da Vinci’s gravity experiment—discoveries from Leonardo’s notebooks! (3/18/2023)

Cal Tech reproduction of Leonardo’s gravity experiment. (Image courtesy of CalTech.)

Host Dave Schlom visits with California Institute of Technology Professor of Aeronautics and Medical Engineering, Mory Gharib and Chris Roh from Cornell University about their new paper published in the MIT journal Leonardo. In it, Gharib chronicles the discovery of experiments to determine the acceleration due to gravity a century before Galileo’s groundbreaking work on the subject. While searching for some of Leonardo’s work on fluid dynamics in the recently released Codex Arunel notebook at the British Library, Gharib happened upon sketches of triangles and the phrase “Equatione di Moti” on the hypotenuse of an isosceles right triangle. What did it mean? After studying Leonardo’s famous left handed mirror script and the sketches, Gharib found that Leonardo was doing experiments to determine the acceleration of gravity. Joined by then Caltech graduate student Roh, the team attempted to reproduce Leonardo’s experiments in the lab and found that, though he lacked the mathematical tools to accurately find the value for the acceleration of gravity on Earth (9.81 m/s/s), Leonardo’s findings were amazingly accurate. It’s a modern day detective story into one of the greatest minds of all time!

Airs Saturday, March 11 and March 18 at 9am.

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Blue Dot: Harnessing the power of cold: an interview with Fred Hogge (12/31/2022)

Dave Schlom visits with British born Thailand resident Fred Hogge about his new book, Of Ice and Men: How We’ve Used Cold to Transform Humanity. In it, Hogge traces the roots of how ice and cold have played a role in everything from polar exploration disasters to our modern world of refrigeration and air conditioning. Imagine your favorite summer beverage without ice cubes handy to put in it. We take our ability to create ice and chilled air for granted but it makes living in extreme heat climates possible as well as preserving our food as it travels from its sources to your local supermarket. It’s a fascinating and chill conversation!

Airs Saturday, December 31, 2022 at 9am

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The Film Score: Music for the Winter Holidays (12/24/2022)

Michael Phillips

The Film Score: Music for the Winter Holidays is an hour-long special devoted to holiday and wintertime movie music. In addition to beloved standards (“White Christmas” from “Holiday Inn” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” from “Meet Me in St. Louis”), host Michael Phillips shares an eclectic mix of wintry film scores, ranging from “It Happened in Sun Valley” (from “Sun Valley Serenade”) to Alexandre Desplat’s folk-inspired score for “The Grand Budapest Hotel” to Bernard Herrmann’s bracing sleigh ride accompaniment composed for the Orson Welles drama “The Magnificent Ambersons.” Bundle up and enjoy The Film Score: Music for the Winter Holidays!

Airs Saturday, December 24 at 9am