C1: A Feminist Climate Renaissance (7/17–18)

Climate One

Airs Saturday & Sunday @ 10am

July 17–18, 2021

Pathways for reducing carbon emissions include electrifying transportation, replacing fossil fuels with wind and solar power. But in this time of national reckoning on racial and economic disparities there is growing support for a more holistic approach. This view holds that the climate crisis won’t be resolved until we first address the systemic imbalances that have fueled it – racism, capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy.  In their new book, All We Can Save:Truth, Courage and Solutions for the Climate Crisis, co-editors Katharine Wilkinson and Ayana Elizabeth Johnson bring together the voices of women artists, writers and changemakers who are at the forefront of climate action.

“The work that we’re doing is instigating or nurturing a feminist climate renaissance,” says Johnson, “which is what we feel the climate movement so desperately needs right now.”

Featured Guests:
Ayana Elizabeth Johnson
, marine biologist, Co-founder, The All We Can Save Project

Katharine Wilkinson, Co-founder, The All We Can Save Project

Christine Nieves Rodriguez, Co-founder and President, Emerge Puerto Rico.

Sherri Mitchell, author, Sacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based Change (North Atlantic Books, 2018)

Heather McTeer Toney, National Field Director, Moms Clean Air Force

Jainey Bavishi, Director, Mayor’s Office of Resiliency, New York City

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