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I Spy: Real Life Spy Stories (3/23/2024)

Continuing our celebration of Women’s History Month, we learn that espionage was once a mostly male pursuit but these days the top three officials at the CIA are women. On this program we hear from Jonna Mendez, the CIA’s former head of disguise, and Amaryllis Fox, a former undercover agent. Each one tells the story of one dramatic operation.

Program Host –  Margo Martindale, Emmy award winning actress who played KGB Handler Claudia on The Americans.
  • Jonna Mendez spent nearly three decades in the CIA  and served as the agency’s head of disguise. She has co-written several books about her work in the agency including The Moscow Rules: The Secret CIA Tactics That Helped America Win the Cold War.
  • Amaryllis Fox worked as a CIA undercover agent for a decade, getting close to international arms traders who deal in weapons of mass destruction and recruiting them as informers. She recounts her experiences in the book Life Under Cover: Coming of Age in the CIA.

Airs Saturday, March 23 at 9am.

The Hidden Economics of Remarkable Women – HERO Training Africa’s New Female Leaders (3/16/2024)

For Women’s History Month, we learn about two efforts to increase the number of women politicians in Africa. We begin with a surprising reality TV show in Kenya called “Ms. President,” where millions of weekly viewers watched dozens of women compete to be the country’s next “head of state,” so to speak. Then, we hear about Nigerian efforts to get more women on the ballot in last year’s election and why they largely failed. Host Reena Ninan – founder of Good Trouble Productions. She is a television journalist who has worked as a White House correspondent, foreign reporter, and news anchor for CBS, ABC, and Fox News.

Airs Saturday, March 16 at 9am

Off air on Monday, February 5 for several hours

KSPB’s over-the-air signal at 91.9 FM will be off the air on Monday, February 5 between 8am and 4pm. We will be installing a new transmitter that will improve our operating efficiency. KSPB programming will still be available here at via the Listen Live link. It will also be available on the Tune-In app available on IOS and Android devices. KSPB is also connected to the Amazon Alexa platform–tell Alexa to “play KSPB.”

Capitol Fools 2024 New Year Special (1/19/2024)

What happens when Washington, D.C.’s premiere, political satire group – the Capitol Steps – call it quits after nearly 40 years? Most folks would agree that it was a great run, and the story would end there. But an intrepid group of former Capitol Steps cast members and the former co-writer of the Capitol Steps would not go quietly into that good night. This band of fools reflected on a world without musical, political satire, and didn’t like what they saw. And just like that the Capitol Fools were born.

While foolish enough to embark on this new journey, they were smart enough to not reinvent the wheel. Fast-paced, laugh out loud show…check. Equal opportunity offenders…check. Skewering both sides of the aisle…check. If a “Steps-style show” is wrong, they don’t want to be right. The Capitol Fools hold up a mirror to our crazy political culture, providing hilarious song parodies and foolish reflections that continue to inspire belly-laughter. Now, the Capitol Fools are going on the air! Picking up the annual tradition of the Capitol Steps radio shows that public radio listeners loved, the Capitol Fools are pleased to present a New Year’s show to welcome in 2024. The spirit, irreverence and D.N.A. of the Capitol Steps lives on with the Capitol Fools!

Airs Saturday, January 20 at 9am