BBC 2023 Proms on World Service, Ep. 1 of 4

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Show: BBC Proms Highlights on World Service
Episode Number: 1
Broadcasted: 2:00 pm
  on 4th August 2023


About this Episode

Double Proms debut. South Korean star violinist Bomsori and conductor Anja Bihlmaier make their Proms debuts with Bruch’s much-loved First Violin Concerto – the ‘richest’ and ‘most seductive’ of all the concertos for the instrument, according to 19th-century virtuoso Joseph Joachim.

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s youthful Ballade, alongside his Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast, established the composer’s reputation at the age of just 23. No wonder his mentor Edward Elgar described the young composer as ‘far and away the cleverest fellow going amongst all the young men’.

Andrew McGregor and music director Allyson Devenish introduce this Prom from the Royal Albert Hall in London.


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