Genre: KSPB Originals

KSPB-originated programming


Fanta4 is streamed by Marlon (aka PreMalone), who talks a lot about… everything! No matter if it is the news, politics, or fun stories, you will definitely find the perfect content for you! Right next to the best and latest songs, Fanta4 is full of Energy and will make Monday your best day of the week. The mix between informative content, fun talks, and the very best songs makes this show worth tuning in to.

Simon and Carter’s Fresh Air

Simon and Carter’s Fresh Air is a show that aims to bring relaxation to the listeners by discussing different topics surrounding life in Stevenson School. Music of all genres will be played throughout each show. The show name was inspired by the content of the show, and since Covid is around, we encourage people to go outdoors and breathe in some fresh air.

Soundtracks in Film

Soundtracks in Film is a show that brings you the music from many movies throughout the decades and also offers insight into maybe why these songs were chosen for a particular movie. This show covers a wide variety of movies from 1950s classics to modern thrillers, Soundtracks in Film will take you across the many years of cinema to show how music can truly affect a movie.


Slimeballs takes you to a new world of funk with the best songs in 2022 and also some good songs that carried 2021. We also talk about some sports at school the NFL, NBA, and how covid affected schools. We also have some special guests and make sure that we ask good questions. We are trying our best to get the grooviest music that you could vibe to. Melo g is also a great partner to have because he is funny and knows how to keep a good flow with the audience and the guest we have on the show.

Disney Mc’s

Disney MC’s is a radio show featuring the best Disney songs, movie reviews, and trivia. Led by 3 Amazing Freshman DJs, you can instantly tell that they have fantastic chemistry; it’s an awesome, family-friendly show that everyone can enjoy. Interviews with different people are a normality, and they always keep things interesting.

The Bundle

The Bundle explores the world through the lenses of 4 beautiful extravagant young talented girls. They have unique personalities and are bluntly honest while still being quirky and funny. They, of course, all have blonde hair except for the odd one out DJ mad who is not actually always mad at all. She might be the most enthusiastic person the Bundle knows. While DJ mad is always enthusiastic, it’s not the same with all the bundle characters. While DJ randa brings some sass to the show with her unpopular opinions that are always right, DJ Lil sis shows up to slay the day. Of course, there is DJ PJ who keeps the whole Bundle together, she is almost like the Kevin of the Jonas brothers, she is so unproblematic it is incredible.

The Amp

The Amp takes you on a journey through the world of classic rock. Hosted by DJ Mike, The Amp features hard rock, folk-rock, psychedelic rock, and pop-rock from throughout the 60s and 70s, and supplies listeners with an in-depth analysis of the music they hear. Whether it’s providing information on artists, exploring concept albums, or breaking down song lyrics, The Amp always has classic rock at its core.