Genre: KSPB Originals

KSPB-originated programming


Hiphop-multilingual focuses on launching the best pop and rap songs from different languages. Each song’s background information and the singer of it were introduced in each show with the host’s own point of view contained as well. In all, you can call it a musical feast.

The once-weekly semi-average two-person radio show

Join MC Spork and Dr. Fungus for the “Once Weekly Semi Average Two Person Radio Show”. With no set theme to the show, there is never a lack of amusing topics and lively conversations. Especially known for their interactive advice segment “Words from the partially wise”, by listening to OWSATPRS you might even gain a few pieces of knowledge, but no promises. Playing Mondays from 5-6 PM, listen on into the place where “We talk about things, many things”.

the marine layer

The marine layer is a weekly radio show focusing on the teenage perspective and the many random things we teenagers say. the marine layer does all this while either headbanging or chilling out to old and new alternative, indie, and rock music. The marine layer is hosted by DJ Flash and DJ Leo, 2 DJs who found out their music tastes are scarily similar.

Two Bit News

Two Bit News covers the latest stories in technology and business, and how seemingly small innovations can have an impact on society as a whole. Tracked by playlists of classic rock and alternative, Two Bit News aims to ease listeners into their Friday afternoons with a combination of facts, opinions, and most importantly, bumping and banging beats.

Two Bit News is hosted by Quinn Karm and Ryder Weston, 2 DJs with interests in both radio and technology. Both enjoy discussing the innovations of the world today and bring a lively yet informative atmosphere to the radio.