Genre: Pop


Hiphop-multilingual focuses on launching the best pop and rap songs from different languages. Each song’s background information and the singer of it were introduced in each show with the host’s own point of view contained as well. In all, you can call it a musical feast.

the marine layer

The marine layer is a weekly radio show focusing on the teenage perspective and the many random things we teenagers say. the marine layer does all this while either headbanging or chilling out to old and new alternative, indie, and rock music. The marine layer is hosted by DJ Flash and DJ Leo, 2 DJs who found out their music tastes are scarily similar.

Political Independence

Political Independence is a show about two co-hosts and one friend talking all about the latest political news, and enjoying a laugh or two. Join Mr. L and Quedawn, along with their special guest ChenChan on Mondays @ 11AM PST and an encore @ 6PM PST.