Genre: Talk Show

The Book Show

Each week on The Book Show, host Joe Donahue interviews authors about their books, their lives and their craft. It is a celebration of both reading and writers. As the son of a librarian, Joe has been part of the book world since childhood. His first job was as a library assistant, during college he was a clerk at an independent book store and for the past 25 years he has been interviewing authors about their books on the radio. Notable authors he has interviewed include: Kurt Vonnegut, John Irving, John Updike, Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, Arthur Miller, Stephen King, Amy Tan, Anne Rice, Philip Roth, E.L Doctorow, Richard Russo, David Sedaris and Maya Angelou.

Disney Mc’s

Disney MC’s is a radio show featuring the best Disney songs, movie reviews, and trivia. Led by 3 Amazing Freshman DJs, you can instantly tell that they have fantastic chemistry; it’s an awesome, family-friendly show that everyone can enjoy. Interviews with different people are a normality, and they always keep things interesting.

The Bundle

The Bundle explores the world through the lenses of 4 beautiful extravagant young talented girls. They have unique personalities and are bluntly honest while still being quirky and funny. They, of course, all have blonde hair except for the odd one out DJ mad who is not actually always mad at all. She might be the most enthusiastic person the Bundle knows. While DJ mad is always enthusiastic, it’s not the same with all the bundle characters. While DJ randa brings some sass to the show with her unpopular opinions that are always right, DJ Lil sis shows up to slay the day. Of course, there is DJ PJ who keeps the whole Bundle together, she is almost like the Kevin of the Jonas brothers, she is so unproblematic it is incredible.

Special: Changing Country Music

Black, female and shaking up Country music Americana-folk singer Lady Nade explores the roots of Country and Americana and its debt to black music. And she reflects on her own place in a genre that is only now starting to confront its history.

The Splendid Table: Turkey Confidential

Thanksgiving is full of high expectations, a huge menu and a house full of guests – which can make for a stressful day or two in the kitchen. That’s why holiday cooks, hosts and eaters tune into The Splendid Table’s “Turkey Confidential” on Thanksgiving morning. Francis Lam takes calls and comes to the rescue of Thanksgiving cooks, kitchen helpers, and inner guests during the biggest cooking day of the year.

Person Place Thing

Person Place Thing is an interview show based on this idea: people are particularly engaging when they speak not directly about themselves but about something they care about. Guests talk about one person, one place, and one thing that are important to them. The result?  Surprising stories from great talkers.