Schedule changes starting 3/26/2023

With Britain and the rest of Europe transitioning to daylight saving time on Sunday, March 26, core news programs (Newshour, Newsday, BBC OS) will be in their usual pre-US DST time slots. (There had been a temporary shift two weeks ago when the US went on daylight saving time.)

The Newsroom

Monday–Sunday edition returns to 3pm PT for the rest of spring and summer as usual.

Other BBC World service Programs
  • A new science program called “Unexpected Elements” replaces The Science Hour starting April 20.
  • The Forum no longer has its own slot. It joins Weekend Doc & World Book Club as part of a rotation within a new slot labelled Discussion & Documentary.
  • Trending, The Explanation and World of Wisdom will run as standalone series within a new slot called Weekend Insights.
  • Digital Planet and Tech Tent will cease but will be replaced by a new tech program called, “Tech Life” starting April 4.
  • The Cultural Frontline and The Compass will cease.