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Hosted by: DJ Quilliam and DJ Crispy
Genres: KSPB Originals , Music

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Two Bit News covers the latest stories in technology and business, and how seemingly small innovations can have an impact on society as a whole. Tracked by playlists of classic rock and alternative, Two Bit News aims to ease listeners into their Friday afternoons with a combination of facts, opinions, and most importantly, bumping and banging beats.

Two Bit News is hosted by Quinn Karm and Ryder Weston, 2 DJs with interests in both radio and technology. Both enjoy discussing the innovations of the world today and bring a lively yet informative atmosphere to the radio.


Quinn Karm, also known as DJ Quilliam, is a member of the class of 2023 at Stevenson, and one-half of the talent for Two Bit News. When he’s not in the station, Quinn’s biggest interests are engineering and English, two topics with unfortunately little overlap. As a Monterey resident for his whole life, Quinn is […] […]
Ryder Weston, known as DJ Crispy at the station, is the co-host for Two Bit News. He is also a student at Stevenson school’s class of 2023. When not recording, he is fishing and sailing in Monterey Bay. He enjoys working on and restoring cars and plans to continue this passion in the future. He […] […]