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Hosted by: Dr. DJ , Dr. Dane and Dj Rush

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DJ Yondu is a freshman student at Stevenson school and just started learning radio this year  He has had one show, “Disney MC’s,” that talks and plays Disney stuff and is doing great and has many other shows that are yet to come  DJ Yondu has lots of fun recording his shows, and he turns […] […]
DJ AMLO is a Freshman boarding student from Mexico City at Stevenson. He’s a Multiple sports athlete and a starter on the varsity soccer team. he has a vast knowledge of Disney movies and songs, usually winning the trivia contests they have. His main job is picking the music and making sure everything is working […] […]
Dj Rush is a freshman at Stevenson, and everyone trusts him, which makes him a great host of Disney Mc’s. Dj Rush comes from San Francisco and is now a boarder at Stevenson. He is one of the main reasons people listen to his show. He also encourages you to listen to DJ rush on […] […]