Feasting with the Great American Songbook: An Afterglow Thanksgiving Special (11/28/2020)

Well, it’s Thanksgiving weekend, a holiday that revolves around family, football, and most importantly, food. So on this Afterglow special, we’re going to chow down on some food-related songs from the Great American Songbook. Ahead this hour, we’ll hear some odes to beans, cornbread, meat, and potatoes by some guys named Louis. Louis Jordan, Louis Armstrong, and Louis Prima, that is. Nat King Cole will also get in on the food-song fun. And we’ll hear a few songs saluting feasting together at home, sung by Kay Starr and Cab Calloway.

Airs Saturday, November 28 at 9am.

From WFIU in Bloomington.

American Dreamer: Sam’s Story (10/3/2020)

“American Dreamer: Sam’s Story” tells the story of a talented and articulate young jazz musician named Sam, who was brought to the U.S. at age 5 by his Mexican parents. He stayed out of trouble, was drum major of his high school’s marching band, fell in love with playing jazz on the tenor sax, and got his diploma with honors– only to find that for an “illegal,” graduation marks a dead end. .  Though Sam dreams of attending college to study jazz performance, he hides his status from even his closest friends, and can’t legally work, drive, get financial aid, or even gain admission to some colleges.  “American Dreamer” follows him from his high school graduation, through the following summer, as he struggles to raise money to continue his education and weighs the risks of working and driving illegally against his own desire to achieve his American dream.

Airs Saturday, October 3 at 9am
with an encore on Sunday, October 4 at 2pm.

Climate One: Erin Brockovich—Superman’s Not Coming (9/26/2020)

Climate One

Saturday, September 26, 2020 @ 10am
Sunday, September 27 @ 10am

Erin Brockovich was vaulted into national recognition in 2000, after the eponymous movie starring Julia Roberts made her a water activism icon. Famous for her focus on contamination, Brockovich says there is a larger threat facing water’s very existence: climate change, and the impact it has on dwindling freshwater supplies, longer droughts, and hotter weather. Superman isn’t coming to protect our water or environment, writes Brockovich in her latest book — and neither are corporations, politicians or the “gutted” EPA. How can individuals and communities take collective action to safeguard our environment and our resources? What are today’s leading activists doing to create change that lasts? Join us for a conversation on speaking truth to power with Erin Brockovich, author of Superman’s Not Coming: Our National Water Crisis and What We the People Can Do About It.

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Climate One: COVID-19 and Climate: The Future of Energy (5/23/2020)

After decades of relying on imported oil, the U.S. achieved the unthinkable and became the world’s largest producer. Production has doubled over the past decade, and in February reached its highest level ever – thirteen million barrels a day. But as it turns out, all of that overabundance has led to a different kind of oil crisis. “We’re producing more oil and gas than ever, and this industry’s stocks are tanking,” says Amy Harder, energy reporter for Axios. Meanwhile, renewables are experiencing unprecedented growth. What will be the lasting impact of the COVID-19 recession? What is the future of energy in a post-pandemic world?

Climate One airs Saturdays and Sundays at 10am.

Blue Dot: Betelgeuse: Mystery of a Dimming Supergiant (5/9/2020)

Host: Dave Schlom

Even casual observers of the night sky are familiar with the winter constellation Orion. It’s two brightest stars, Rigel and Betelgeuse and its three belt stars make it an easy one to spot. But one of them has dimmed dramatically in recent months, the red supergiant star Betelgeuse. The dimming led to rampant speculation that the star, nearly 700 light years from Earth, may be about to explode into the ultimate cosmic fireworks show — a supernova that would be visible in the daytime sky. But is that what’s really going on? Dave Schlom talks to Spitzer Space Telescope scientist Luisa Rebull about the giant star, the life cycles of stars in general and the ending of one of NASA’s Great Observatories — Spitzer.

Blue Dot airs on Saturdays at 11am.

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Climate One: Zero-Emission Cities (5/9/2020)

Host: Greg Dalton

Guests:  Ani Dasgupta, Global Director, World Resources Institute, Ross Center for Sustainable Cities; Eva Gladek, Founder and CEO, Metabolic; Lauren Faber O’Connor, Chief Sustainability Officer, Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, City of Los Angeles

Can we solve the climate crisis by reimagining our cities? Climate activists have long envisioned the zero-carbon cities of the future. Now, with COVID-19 shutting down congested urban areas, city dwellers from Los Angeles to New Delhi are getting a rare taste of clean air and blue skies. But the view is also more clear of things more painful to see – social inequalities that have existed for generations. “This is an opportunity to think about what kind of systems do we actually want, what kind of future do we envision for our cities and for our economy,” says sustainability expert Eva Gladek. “And how do we actually try to address multiple challenges at once when looking toward that future.”

Climate One airs Saturdays and Sundays at 10am.

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