Audio dropouts on Jan. 29

KSPB is experiencing audio dropouts in our studio to transmitter link this morning. The dropouts affect the over-the-air signal on 91.9 FM, not the livestream here on We are working on the problem and apologize for the inconvenience.

Descriptions of program episodes

You can find descriptions of upcoming and past episodes of our public affairs programs by clicking on the show’s name in the sidebar to the right or in any of the schedule lists. Look for the Playlists heading on the show’s page. We post episode descriptions for Climate One, Big Picture Science, New Letters on the Air, and With Good Reason.

Power Outage Jan. 17

Power outages affecting Pebble Beach continued into January 17. We were able to restore power to our satellite receiver via a generator around 11am local time. (The satellite is how we receive the BBC World Service.) Utility power to the transmitter was restored at 1pm.

Power Outage Jan. 16

Rain and high winds have disrupted power in sections of Pebble Beach, including the locations of our transmitter and satellite dish. Our studio is on generator power so our live stream on this site continues while the transmitter is off the air. Unfortunately, due to the length of the power outage, the battery backup for our satellite dish ran out so we are unable to receive the BBC World Service. In its place we are streaming encores of Climate One, Big Picture Science, With Good Reason, and other programs, as well as music.

Science Update; Yale Climate Connections

We were disappointed to learn today that AAAS has discontinued Science Update, effective immediately. We are adding a new feature, Yale Climate Connections, to replace it. Climate Connections is a daily (M-F), 90-second radio series that aims to help listeners understand how climate change is already impacting our lives and what diverse people and organizations are doing to reduce the associated risks. The series “connects the dots” between climate change and energy, extreme weather, public health, food and water, jobs and the economy, national security, and the creative arts, among other themes. Climate Connections will air weekdays at 49.5 minutes after the hour during Newshour.

Big Picture Science

KSPB has added Big Picture Science to its line up. It’s a show that does more than interview top scientists and technology innovators. Its themed episodes connect those latest research ideas to identify emerging trends – and why they matter. Seth Shostak (the scientist) and Molly Bentley (the science journalist) use smart and humorous storytelling. They won’t just keep you’re attention, they’ll grab it.

But there’s more. Are you a doubting Thomas? They separate science from pseudoscience – and facts from the phony – in Skeptic Check, their monthly episode devoted to critical thinking.

So think bigger. Big Picture Science. A one-hour weekly radio show heard on Saturday at 11am, with an encore Sunday at 7pm.