Schedule changes (1/1/2020)

Bookworm with Michael Silverblatt has moved to Thursday at 3 pm just before Thursday Detention.


The Best of Our Knowledge, a new program in the KSPB line-up, will air Fridays at 3 pm just before Uninterrupted Pop. Planetary Radio will follow at 4:30 pm in Bookworm’s old time slot.

If there is no detention on Thursday, The Best of Our Knowledge and Planetary Radio will air in its place.

Finally, another new program in the KSPB line-up, Blue Dot, will air Saturdays at 11 am.

BBC Special: Living the Star Wars

“Living the Star Wars” details the making of the film from original conception in 1973, through to shooting in England in 1976, to its anxious last hours as a depressed George Lucas and an exhausted special effects crew finally transferred their project into cinemas. Mark Burman draws on his own interviews – including George Lucas, Mark Hamill and John Williams – gathered over the past 20 years, from many key people who have long since passed away.

Airs: Monday, 12/23 at 7pm; Thursday, 12/26 at 2pm; and Saturday 12/28 at 11am

With Good Reason: Emoji Evidence (12/12/2019)

With Good Reason logoThursday, Dec. 12 at 4:30 pm

Host: Sarah McConnell

Guests: Jeff Bellin (William & Mary); Rod Graham (Old Dominion University) and Shawn Smith (Radford University)

Be warned: everything you say on Facebook can and will be used against you in a court of law! Jeff Bellin studies how courts handle digital evidence like social media posts and text messages. Bellin was named Outstanding Faculty by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. 

There’s a lot of talk about cybersecurity, but what about cybercrime? What qualifies as cybercrime and what’s being done to stop it? Rod Graham and Shawn Smith recently co-authored a textbook about cybercrime and they’re taking a closer look at what it’s like for these uniquely 21st century victims.

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Fading Minds: Why there’s still no cure for Alzheimer’s (11/30/2019)

Saturday, Nov. 30 at 11am
Sunday, Dec. 1 at 11am

In the late 1970s, the newly formed National Institute on Aging redefined senility as a disease – specifically, Alzheimer’s disease. They said that with enough support they could find a cure, but after 40 years and billions of dollars, there is still no treatment. In this hour, we hear from people who shaped early Alzheimer’s research, we explore promising dementia treatments that have received short shrift because it’s hard to make money on them, and we look at racial disparities in dementia and what they can tell us about why people develop cognitive problems as they age.

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APM Reports: At a Loss For Words—What’s wrong with how schools teach reading (8/22/2019)

Thursday, August 22 at 5pm

There’s an idea about how people read words that’s deeply embedded in teaching practices and curriculum materials widely used in elementary school classrooms. This idea has been disproven by cognitive scientists, yet it continues to be taught in teacher preparation programs, promoted in professional development sessions, and marketed by publishers. This APM Reports documentary investigates where the idea comes from, why it holds on, and how it harms kids.

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