BiPiSci: You’ve Got Whale 11-03-2018

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You’ve Got Whale: Eavesdropping on non-human communication

Hosts: Seth Shostak and Molly Bentley


  • Susanna Blackwell – Bio-acoustician with Greeneridge Sciences. Hear her recordings of narwhals here.
  • Simon Gilroy – Professor of botany, University of Wisconsin, Madison. His video of glowing green caterpillar-munched plants can be viewed here.
  • Peter Greenberg – Professor of microbiology, University of Washington, Seattle

We’re all missing out on important messages, and no amount of refreshing your browser will help. That’s because eavesdropping on the communications of non-human species requires decoding their non-written signals. Dive into Arctic waters where scientists make first-ever recordings of the socializing clicks and squeals of narwhals. Discover an instant messaging system used by plants. And, how microbes communicate to one another to plan their attacks.

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