Blue Dot: AMAZING AGING GRACE: A Conversation With Daniel Levitin (3/28/2020)

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Dave visits with neuroscientist, cognitive psychologist, musician and all around amazing guy, Daniel Levitin. His This is Your Brain On Music spent more than a year on the New York Times Bestseller list and his new book, Successful Aging is already on the top ten for this year’s list. Levitin’s biography thus far is nothing short of amazing. He’s helped produce and consult on musical projects ranging from Steely Dan, Blue Oyster Cult and Joni Mitchell (just to name a few!) to being the music consultant for the 1997 film Good Will Hunting. He also has comedic chops, writing material for Jay Leno and Arsenio Hall and performing onstage with the late Robin Williams at the Democratic National Convention in his native San Francisco in 1984. His new book Successful Aging, is a tour de force that examines every aspect of how we can live rich and rewarding lives as we live longer than most human beings ever have, covering topics from cognition and memory to how age affects our sleep habits. Most of all, Levitin shares practical and fascinating advice on how to age gracefully and have fun doing it!

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