Blue Dot: LEADERSHIP, PROBLEM SOLVING, SURVIVAL: The epic story of Apollo 13 (4/11/2020)

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In a time of global crisis, it’s good to look to the lessons of history, to help us understand that we do have the ability to overcome terrible adversity. The story of the near loss of Apollo 13 in April of 1970 is filled with amazing leadership, problem solving and heroism that led to the survival of astronauts Jim Lovell, Fred Haise and Jack Swigert. In part one of our two episodes dedicated to this tale of overcoming seemingly insurmountable problems, Dave interviews one of the four flight directors, Gerry Griffin, Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise, Flight Dynamics Officer Jerry Bostick and Apollo journalist/historian Andrew Chaikin as we look inside the story of a week 50 years ago when we came precariously close to the first loss of an astronaut crew in space. You may think you know the story from the Ron Howard’s 1995 movie, but find out the real one from people who were inside it from beginning to end.

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