Blue Dot: Yes, Your Dog Really Loves You and Science can prove it! (2/15/2020)

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In this episode, Dave is going to the dogs. Literally. But that’s OK with him because Dave loves dogs and dogs love him and now, thanks to Dr. Clive Wynne, he can prove it. Dr. Wynne, a researcher in animal behavior at Arizona State University, is the author of the new book, Dog is Love: Why and How Your Dog Loves You. From Pavlov’s dogs (you’ll find out there’s more to that story than wringing a bell) to modern research using MRI machines, Wynne’s book is an exploration of a simple and compelling question that he asked himself, “What is it that makes dogs special?” Their intelligence can seem remarkable but is it compared to other animal species? What is it about them that has bonded them to the human species and so intertwined them into the lives of people over generations? Join us and find out why dogs actually do love us and how we actually can know that intellectually as well as intuitively. And finally, Dave dedicates the show to his niece Jennifer Williams, who has devoted her life to animal rescue and specializes in pregnant and injured or seriously ill dogs.

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