Climate One 04-14-2018

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Exposed: Dieselgate’s Impact on the Auto Industry

Guests: Alberto Ayala, Ph.D., M.S.E., Executive Director, Air Pollution Control Officer, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District; Edward Niedermeyer, Auto Industry Analyst and Commentator, Autonocast; Margo T. Oge, Former Director, Office of Transportation and Air Quality, U.S. EPA

Volkswagen’s brazen cheating on air pollution rules rocked an industry with a history of skulduggery. The scandal has now cost the company $30 billion plus jail time for one. “Almost every company has cheated,” said Margo Oge. “What was different here was the level of cheating…and the fact that they kept on lying.” Furthering chaos in the industry is a Trump administration looking to roll back emissions standards while California and 12 additional states, making up 36% of the auto market, threaten to maintain theirs. The industry might soon regret their “dance with the devil.”

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