Climate One 05-19-2018

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The Hidden Health Hazards of Climate Change

Guest: Jonathan Patz, Director, Global Health Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Su Rynard, Director, “Mosquito” (Discovery Channel, 2017); Chuck Yarling, Triathlete; Jessica Wolff, Director, Climate and Health Program, Healthcare Without Harm

Climate change isn’t just an environmental problem – it’s also a health hazard. Air pollution and changing weather patterns give rise to heat-related illnesses, asthma and allergic disorders.  Hurricanes and other disasters leave hospitals scrambling to save patients without power and resources. Insect-borne diseases have tripled in the United States in recent years – and warmer weather is largely to blame. Jonathan Patz of the Global Health Institute calls climate change “one of the most important public health challenges of our times.”

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