Climate One 06-16-2018

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Al Gore and Bill Nye

Guest: Al Gore, former vice president; Bill Nye, television host and science educator; Bonni Cohen, filmmaker; Jon Shenk, filmmaker; Jason Sussberg, filmmaker, Bill Nye: The Science Guy.

Looking for a movie that takes climate science to the masses? In the first part of this week’s episode, former Vice President Al Gore joins Climate One along with co-directors Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk to talk about the making of their 2017 movie AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL: TRUTH TO POWER and the solutions that it offers. In the second part, TV’s Bill Nye is joined by director Jason Sussberg, who shadowed Nye as he goes toe-to-toe with outspoken climate deniers and travels the world to show the causes and effects of climate change in the 2017 documentary BILL NYE: SCIENCE GUY.

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