Climate One: The Art of the Green Deal (7-27-2019)

Playlist for Show: Climate One

Host: Greg Dalton

Guests:  Matt Gaetz, U.S. Representative (R-FL); Miranda Green, Energy and Environment Reporter, The Hill; Ed Markey, U.S. Senator (D-MA)

With the Green New Deal, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s vision challenges her own party to go further, faster on climate action than ever before. Her co-sponsor, Sen. Ed Markey, has spent 40 years in Congress and has similar experience pushing for bold climate action. Meanwhile, Rep. Matt Gaetz vigorously supports President Trump – except when it comes to climate and extreme weather, which have battered his Florida district. Gaetz’s Green Real Deal is a market-based alternative to the Green New Deal’s regulatory approach. So what is the deal with climate action in Congress?

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